Why didn't Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman reveal benefit fraudster cllr Shelina Akhtar?

Posted on | Sunday, 22 January 2012 | No Comments

I'm incredulous that a person found guilty of falsely claiming jobseeker’s allowance, housing benefit and council tax benefit at Thames Magistrates’ Court in July 2010, and with previous convictions for identical matters was ever admitted as a Councillor, or permitted to remain one! Was Lutfur Rahman unaware of her criminal record?! Why didn't he or fellow councillors act on this sooner?! As has been stressed by other concerned Tower Hamlet citizen's (far too few in fact), we demand integrity, and honesty from those elected to represent us. When this trust is abused we must also demand robust action against offenders including instant dismissal, legal action with an expectation of stiff custodial sentencing. Only then can we begin to stamp out this evil from our community and society as a whole. http://bit.ly/x1iEmy

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