Since When has East End Life Been the Mouthpiece for the Metropolitan Police?

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East End Life, Issue 907, 30 April - 6 April 2012

Quote, "...The police have also confirmed that there is no substance to the allegations made so far".

This is under the heading, 'Council responds to postal vote allegations', where they regale in the announcement from the Electoral Commission that the Commission has no investigative powers. The article goes on to regurgitate the spiel about the public confusing fraudulent activity with a 'mobile population'....blah blah blah

They cherry pick from allegations, selecting just two (without identifying or describing them), and summarily dismiss them.

Where is the integrity in a Council that refuses to acknowledge obvious public concern - concern and indignation repeatedly broadcast in the mainstream media? And what type of quisling editorial staff can produce a 'newspaper' that has never - NEVER - criticised or found the Council wanting?

Also of concern is the fact that we haven't heard from our two local parliamentarians on the issue of electoral fraud? What do they have to fear? I'll tell you what they lack - the courage and integrity to acknowledge the stark fact that this is an ethnic/cultural issue. It's a culture of electoral fraud that we will not tolerate in our society.

For public record, I have written to the Metropolitan Police twice on this issue but so far have not received any acknowledgement.


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