Home Secretary Theresa May Slithers Free Again from Dismissal and National Disgrace

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Earlier this year the Home Affairs Committee demonstrated just how powerless it is when it comes to challenging Ministerial incompetence. Theresa May's stumbling, error prone performance and cover ups should have resulted in dismissal or at least an assisted resignation, but the lacklustre cub scout David Cameron could not accept the shame of yet another Minister being ejected from his sham cabinet.  

In November 2011, I covered the 'Inquiry into the Provision of UK Border Controls'. During the course of the Committee hearing, Madam May was 'requested' - note, not 'required' - to submit key documents to the enquiry. One suspects this correspondence would include incriminating evidence implicating her in a monumental botch-up. She forthrightly refused to reveal the evidence, and has since ignored reminders to do so, saying they were available to an 'internal inquiry' only. So much for transparency and accountability in Government at the highest level. It's a disgrace isn't it? 

Here is an extract from the Inquiry's Conclusions and recommendations so you can see for yourself how ineffective we have been in bringing Theresa May to account for her actions. 

'We recommend that the Home Secretary deposit copies of all the documents that have been made available to the three internal investigations in the Library of this House. This will allow this Committee to reach an informed conclusion of our own and would be consistent with the Government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. (Paragraph 27)'

How can we have any trust in Government when those appointed to high office abuse power to protect their own position in this way? And where is the media scrutiny of this abuse? Unless the media and all of us who stand up for a corrupt free administration pursue cases like this with relentless purpose and commitment, we will slide into an abyss of '1984' proportions.

As a postscript, Madam May has yet again stumbled into another controversy concerning, on this occasion, the case of Theresa May Humiliated by Judge; the Upper Immigration Tribunal judge stating that she, 'acted under a misapprehension of the facts'. Nothing new there!


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