Strange Happenings on Lutfur Rahman's Twitter links..

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On the 3 March 2012, Lutfur Rahman made this Tweet:

Lutfur Rahman ‏ @MayorLutfur
My response to the Evening Standard

The link pointed to the site '' where his blog, dated 2 March, appeared under the title, 'Lutfur Rahman: In Response to the Evening Standard'. It was this Tweet that alerted me to check his comments at '' and make my own comment on the site. If you go to this originally linked site now, you will see his blog entry together with 2 damning comments, one from myself.

The strange thing is, on checking back to this original Tweet, it now reads:

Lutfur Rahman ‏ @MayorLutfur 
My response to the Evening Standard

Note that the link address is now different, no longer linking to '' but instead linking to '' where the two original comments have disappeared to be replaced by less damning comments.

How is this possible? Is it perhaps possible to make retro changes to old Tweets? The answer is no - unless they are hacked. (Like this post, notice that the time stamp is missing - clue to a clumsy hack) 

p.s.  Coincidentally, a related earlier blog entry on this site has also disappeared.  


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