Cash for Access, aka Bribery and Corruption. A moral abyss awaits us all unless we show resolve and prosecute robustly

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Cash for Access, aka bribery and corruption, has no place in an open democracy where we expect integrity, candidness and honesty.

The fact that all political parties receive private funding, must surely tell you that they can't act on our behalf with impartiality. Democracy in undermined when payments are made to influence government. And don't be mislead, these dinner dates, including those held by the Foreign Secretary among others, were all for party funders. As we know, it isn't simply a Tory transgression, Labour 's unwholesome links with Union funding is no different. 

This is abuse of office at the highest level, and ought to be challenged as such by the nation. It's unbelievable that our judicial system can send a youth to jail for Tweeting an obscene message, yet turn a blind eye to corruption at the highest level of government. Politicians, (and Civil Servants) are accountable to the nation for their actions and need to be brought to account for breaching a very clear code of conduct.

Notwithstanding this miserable state of affairs, the perpetrators try to cover up their crime. Whatever happened to integrity and adherence to the NOLAN principles of public office?


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