Minister Calls for Enquiry into Tower Hamlets' Electoral Role

Posted on | Monday, 27 February 2012 | No Comments

The news that a local Government Minister has called for a new enquiry into Tower Hamlets' electoral roll is encouraging for those who have been demanding an investigation into vote rigging. Absent from those calling for action has been - guess - Tower Hamlets Council. Now that's worrying, when the Government Minister responsible, both local MP's, the London Assembly Member, and local Labour and Conservative party leaders all join resolutely in airing their concern. The Council for its part responded by saying that it refuted suggestions that voter fraud is rife. One would have thought that a Council whose reputation had already been seriously damaged by the fraudulent antics of ex Councillor and Deputy Council Leader Manzila Uddin, and jailing of Councillor Shelina Akhtar for fraud, would adopt a somewhat more circumspect position. Not so, their attitude is defensive where it ought to be grave concern and agreement with those calling for an investigation. The Council's failure to robustly acknowledge that there is an issue further erodes our trust in the integrity of their current leadership.

Mind you, calling for an investigation is still some way short of getting it underway. All those united to see this happen need to ensure pressure is maintained on Central Government as a matter of urgency as local elections are only months away  


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